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"...your firm's hand on the budget felt confining at first, but it's what got the project from paper to dirt. The budget sacrifices that we made up front really paid off when the project got underway. We were able to see where our extra money could best be spent more clearly. It was a pleasure to have your company manage this project to final inspection."

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The following is a list of the many services we offer our clients, as needed:

Our first-hand knowledge and expertise in every facet of design development, project management, and construction management enables us to provide the wide variety of services that you may require.

From the beginning, your timing and budget goals drive the decision-making process. All projects — regardless of scope or scale — employ our rigorous, field-proven project management techniques to ensure success.

Strategic Construction Management, Inc. is unique in that a principal of the firm assumes primary responsibility for every project and coordinates the efforts of an experienced team, including staff and selected consultants. This is how we maintain the extremely high level of service that our clients have come to expect.

Our strong leadership allows you to balance all facets of your project, while never losing sight of your objective — the highest quality within an established budget and schedule. As experienced builders, architects, and project managers, we know the right questions to ask. We also have the capability to assemble the perfect team to tackle your project.

By combining problem-solving skills and solid research methods with innovative, high-quality construction techniques, Strategic Construction Management, Inc. assures cost-effective, creative, and highly functional solutions.

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