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Westlake Elementary School

The seven portable classrooms have been installed and are occupied. All work begun in summer 2004 has been completed. The work included new floor coverings in each portable, re-roofing the library building, performing termite repairs, re-paving and stripping the asphalt playgrounds, adding two new ball walls at the lower playground, replacing the irrigation and grass on the lower playfield, hydro-seeding and replacing the irrigation on the upper field.

Scheduled for 2005 - Two new triple-wide portable classrooms will be brought in to replace the two kindergarten portables at the lower campus. The displaced double-wide units will be relocated at the upper campus, with one for storage of classroom supplies and the other replacing a leased portable building. A new bathroom module will be installed at the upper portable location in the upper field. Minor playground upgrades will also be constructed. The heating and ventilation system will be upgraded with a new boiler and the replacement of numerous units ventilators in the classrooms.

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