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Small Schools

Small Schools Campus

Monarch Elementary, Ark High School, Loma Prieta High School and Alternative Family Education (AFE) have consolidated on the prior Branciforte Elementary School campus. Extensive changes have been made to the main building to accommodate the Small Schools. A new campus dedicated to AFE has been constructed at the east boundry and includes four relocatable classrooms. Upgrades to the site's fencing have been completed. Any repairs or replacement of the playfield irrigation or grass as well as any rebuilding of the asphalt playground have been scheduled for summer 2005.

Scheduled for 2005 - Work at this site will include replacement of the main building's windows, removal and replacement of the asphalt playground, installation of new basketball courts, and new ball walls, and restoration of the complete playfield. There will also be an addition to the parking lot area which will include a turn-around area for better traffic flow.


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