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Harbor High School

Harbor High School      

Overall, student programs will benefit as the modernization project brings upgrades to classroom interiors, corridors and department offices. The work enhances the learning environment by creating a more dynamic campus and improved interior space. Fire alarm, security, telecommunication, clock-bell and data systems were all improved, providing a higher degree of safety and security campus-wide. Access for the disabled was also upgraded throughout the campus.

Extensive demolition work was done in the humanities building in order to improve its structural integrity, create a floor plan where floors and ceilings will be of uniform height and classrooms are more spacially functional. A new electrical system was installed that will also support data, security, fire alarm and clock-bell-speaker systems. The stucco finish on the exterior of the building was also removed in several places to allow for structural upgrades and accommodate the new stucco and metal finishes that will match the finishes on the new buildings. The main entrance, as well as the doorways to individual classrooms, have the same platinum-colored steel canopies that accent the new buildings.

The main entrance and circulation counter of the library media center was relocated to southeast side of the building facing the new quad, which is an indication that the focus of campus is shifting toward the quad. The former administrative offices have also been redesigned and house a much needed conference room, a consolidated book room, and the student store “Pirate’s Port.”

On the lower campus, a new fire service has been installed. In addition, extensive work is being done to the pool building. Both the boys and the girls changing rooms are having the shower-toilet facilities completely redone with new plumbing fixtures, partitions and tile on the floor and walls. A majority of the pool deck was replaced. New underground water and power services have been installed to support an enlarged building that will house a ticket booth, more spacious team and locker rooms, coaches’ offices and new shower-toilet facilities.


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