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Mission Hill Middle School Modernization

Mission Hill Middle School

Site work included an asphalt overlay on the existing asphalt paving at the parking lot and exterior court area. Re-striping was done to the parking stalls and basketball courts. A low fence was installed between the playfield and exterior court area. The basketball courts were expanded from three to four. A concrete block trash enclosure was added next to the vehicle entrance to move the dumpsters away from the main school building. A path of travel for the disabled was established by constructing a new ramp at the entrance to the gymnasium and the shop building.

Repairs were made to the existing gutters and downspouts. At the main building all existing exterior wood windows were repaired. All windows with temporary plastic glazing were replaced with new glass. The existing aluminum windows in the auditorium were repaired. Entrance doors and door hardware throughout the building were replaced as required to meet disabled access requirements. A prefabricated two-stop elevator was installed at the north end of the building to replace the old sub-standard unit. A new lift was installed in the auditorium to provide disabled access to the stage.

The interior finishes throughout the corridors and classrooms of the main building were upgraded. This included new flooring, paint, ceiling tiles (where required), and the installation of new tack board panels on the corridor walls. All student and staff toilet rooms had new plumbing fixtures installed. New toilet partitions replaced the existing partitions and new tile was installed on the floors and walls. The computer/media classroom was relocated adjacent to the library. Improvements to the shop building included upgrading the toilet facilities to comply with disabled access requirements and replacing finishes in the classroom area.

The walls and floors within the gym and the exercise room were refinished. The bleachers were replaced with automated units. The locker rooms received new floor and wall finishes, as well as new lockers. Storage cages were constructed within the locker rooms utilizing part of the existing shower space. All toilet rooms were upgraded to comply with disabled access requirements.

The mechanical system at the main building was refurbished, including the unit ventilators in the classrooms. Air conditioning was added to the computer/media classroom. New roof-mounted mechanical units replaced the existing units at the gymnasium and shop building. Additional electrical outlets were installed throughout the school as well as provisions for new data wiring. A new phone/clock and bell/security system replaced the existing system throughout the campus.


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