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Bay View Elementary School Modernization

Bay View Elementary

Damaged asphalt paving between classroom buildings was replaced or re-surfaced. Two new lunch shelters, each covering twelve lunch tables, were constructed near the Media Center. The newly enlarged parking lot adjacent to Mission Street and the hard court play area nearby were re-surfaced and re-striped. The other parking lot facing Bay Street was re-surfaced and re-striped with an area designated for a bus drop-off zone. Repairs were made to areas where water ponds along the path leading to Palm Street. A new trash enclosure with chain link gates was constructed with a small concrete ramp for ease of trash disposal. A six-foot high chain link fence and an access gate now separates the school and the public sidewalk on Palm Street.

The exterior of the buildings and covered walkways were repainted. Exterior doors that could not be modified to allow access for the disabled were replaced. All door hardware was upgraded as required to comply with disabled access requirements.

Interior surfaces in all classrooms, staff areas, and educational spaces were refinished. This included new paint, new and/or replaced ceiling tile, and new carpet or vinyl floor tile. Each classroom received new marker boards. All toilet rooms were upgraded to comply with disabled access requirements. This included new plumbing fixtures, new toilet partitions and new ceramic tile on the walls and floor.

Interior doors were upgraded with new hardware to meet disabled access requirements. New floor-mounted unit ventilators were installed in each classroom. The multi-purpose room and the administrative area also received mechanical upgrades. The existing folding lunch tables and benches were restored, and a new higher platform (stage) with chair storage underneath replaced the existing one. A new wheelchair lift was also installed to provide stage access for the disabled.

A new phone/intercom system, fire alarm system and intrusion alarm system were installed. New electrical outlets and data outlets were installed throughout the school as required.


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